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About us

Quipu Consulting

Formed in 2017 as part of the Sudamericana group, one of South America’s largest mining/industrial conglomerates, Quipu was created with the objective  of taking advantage of the latest technologies in data acquisition and information processing (Big Data Analytics).

Adopt the latest technologies and provide solutions that help our customers in incrementing their competitiveness, productivity and continued improvement of their processes.

To consolidate our service offerings as the best alternative in the adoption of advanced technologies to create practical and creative solutions together with our international partners


Our Tailored Made Solutions

Applicable to any installed video surveillance system, enhances the capacity by learning (Deep Learning) , detection and alerting on top of a real time smart search system. The hybrid solution (Cloud/Edge) permits scalability backed by unlimited Cloud storage. A powerful tool for these Covid-19 times, can, among other things, be used to detect, record and alert of Social Distancing violations as well as protective mask wear. The versatility of the tool’s re-training, adapts to current and future needs.


The platform presents the data processed in the cloud in an intuitive dashboard in real time, allowing retail operators to optimize layouts and study the real behavior of buyers to maximize purchase conversion.

Neurala (1)

The Brainduilder systems from Neurala are easy to train with reduced data sets and are simple to connect to existing automation controllers. The Deep Learning based training can be applied to the detection of visual anomalies as well as classification in two or more categories. With our proven AI technology, manufacturing companies can continue to expand production and adapt to changes in labor force while achieving higher levels of quality control.


Discover the Full Potential of Data Mining

Artificial Intelligence offers tremendous potential for different industries, making today’s production processes more efficient, flexible and reliable. The large volumes of collected data provide the basis for the generation of digital representation of plants and complete systems.

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    Pre-Feasibility and
    Pilot Test
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    Strategies and
    Application of Changes
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    Evaluation of
    Preliminary Results
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    Project Definition
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    Workshops with the Client
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    Analysis, Interpretation
    and Reporting
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    Execution: Installation
    and Calibration
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    Data Collection
One Stop Shop

How we operate

Identifying Opportunities

Be Analyzing together with our customers potential solutions best suited for their needs.


We specialize in putting innovative technologies to work becoming the interface with the best platforms.

Follow Up

We elaborate reports, metrics and guides that permit the best use of the results assisted by our broad experience in a wide variety of businesses.

Development of Custom Solutions

We understand that special situations will require the development of customized solutions, we specialize in finding the best alternative.


Relationships Based on Trust

Quipu has customers in the retail commerce and industry fields and has successfully completed projects that have served as regional references.

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